The global pandemic had a tremendous effect on the home building industry.

While much of the world slowed down in 2020, the construction industry went into warp speed. Material costs and inconsistent timelines created havoc, but with so many people spending more time at home, new homes were being sold as fast as they could be built. High demand in the housing market combined with in-person gatherings being taboo, led to the traditional open house experience being put on hold. With our tool dedicated to scheduling open houses, we continued to enhance the platform, but in somewhat of a hibernated state.

Fast forward forward to 2021. We’ve been learning from 1 Million Cups and virtual open houses are great, but as we emerge from the pandemic, the housing market will normalize. With traditional open houses soon returning, progressive home builders have an opportunity to use this time to get ahead of the new normal. It’s challenging to work ON your business when there’s so much to do IN your business, but our team is here to help. You have homes to build, so we’ve made it easy to unlock a new way to schedule open houses as you explore fresh ways to unite a growing team.