1 Million Cups - Cherokee, Georgia

Our team is deeply rooted in 1MC and we’re excited to begin our journey through the magic of 1 Million Cups.

While we’re based in Iowa and can’t wait to share our startup story with the Des Moines community, our co-founder Ben McDougal is active in a regional leadership role within @1MCMidwest. To avoid potential crossover vibes we’ve decided to share caffeinated conversations in different, but absolutely connected regions. @1MCWest and @1MCSoutheast are the perfect places to introduce OpenOpen and learn from our first 1 Million Cups communities!

We will share this milestone moment with 1MC Salt Lake City on Wednesday, September 23rd, and then refill our mugs for 1MC Cherokee on Wednesday, September 30th. These entrepreneurial ecosystems fuel an energized 1MC experience and we’re looking forward to connecting with both of these startup communities! Virtual event details can be found on 1millioncups.com/saltlake and 1millioncups.com/cherokee.


OpenOpen - Coffee Cup

These two virtual visits will be our first public presentations! We’re excited to hear what fellow entrepreneurs think while also connecting with real estate experts as we learn from the perspectives of others.

This will be a neat way to begin our company’s caffeinated pilgrimage, but we also plan to continue learning from more #1MC communities throughout #1MCNation. Interested in having our team present with your 1MC community? We’d love the opportunity. Let’s chat!