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em·bed – /əmˈbed/ – verb

  1. fix (an object) firmly and deeply in a surrounding mass.

When we tell people our schedule is embeddable, sometimes the awesome promotional value of this feature is overlooked. In short, when you use OpenOpen to manage your open house schedule, you can drop a snippet of code into your own website and we keep this live area updated in real-time. Anytime you make an update on OO, this live area on your own website changes too!

Initial setup is as easy as 1-2-3.

OpenOpen - Embeddable - Step 1

Step 1 – Copy Embed Code from your OpenOpen dashboard.

OpenOpen - Embeddable

Step 2 – Paste OO embed code where you want it on your own website.

OpenOpen - Embeddable

Step 3 – Have fun sharing this live page and never touch it again!


If you’ve ever tried to manually showcase your open houses or find updating that area of the website cumbersome, you’re gonna love OpenOpen. You’ll now have a page that brings people to your own website, knowing it’ll look sharp and always reflect exactly what you have scheduled on OpenOpen. Hopefully you’re thinking, “Wait, really? Ok, let’s give this a try.”

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