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A world of remarkable entrepreneurs have created a new normal out of building things that change the world. It’s been key to our ability to do more with less, but as tech founders who can build from black black screens, there can be a subtle pressure to scale every good little idea into something big.

This interesting weight can sometimes hinder the ability for teams to build simple, but since we come from within the home building industry, we made OpenOpen only what it needs to be for real estate. We’ve built something to tackle a small problem and because of the focused solution, we’ve made something simple and something that works.

Before OpenOpen, the convoluted communication required to schedule open houses was a nightmare. We were always trying to coordinate with busy people’s calendar. Once we would finally get things squared away for the team, we then had to update our website, the brokerage office and other promotional materials. It wasn’t hard, but it was inefficient and always took time you didn’t want to spend. Like anything that feels like more work than its worth, the open house scheduling got left behind. This meant fewer open houses and outdated information.

We’ve joked from the start. Even if this doesn’t become a booming business…this platform being created means that we have a tool. That makes this new open house scheduler for realtors and home builders so easy to like.

How does OpenOpen work?

OpenOpen is an easy way to connect busy realtor’s calendars to a collection of home builders and other property builders. It’s so simple, claiming open houses only takes a single click. In short, no more emails or phone tag. As open houses are claimed in real-time, the open house schedule on your own website is also updated!

All you do is setup any amount of homes and available open house dates and times for your roster of realtors to access from OpenOpen or directly by email. The team can then claim open houses with a single click. With a quick embed feature, you drop a short block of code onto the open house page of your own website, and the schedule is fed automagically to people looking to learn where to go when they’re out shopping for homes. OpenOpen is a simple way to make sure homes for sale have more good people in them more often. The result in more efficient open house scheduling is a boost in lead generation for realtors who understand the power of open houses. Win. Win.

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