Empty Houses Get Quiet

For home builders who have multiple properties available at any given time, keeping them active with open houses each weekend is a profitable practice.

Your sales team and other local agents will be touring your collection of new homes periodically, but having a friendly realtor in the home at set times each weekend will generate more positive action. These open house interactions help sell the home quicker. Even when they don’t, the connections open houses spark lead to other business opportunities. The visiting buyer is clearly interested in the home or at least curious about buying a home. While at an open house, perhaps they like the home design, but are interested in a custom build on a different lot? Maybe they have a home they need to sell as well? Many open house visitors will have agent representation, but many may not. Leads from open houses can expand a realtor’s career, but also fuels more rapid sales for home builders and residential property owners. Without a warm body in new homes each weekend, opportunities are missed.


Home Builders - Open House Scheduling

Can your active team host open houses in ALL your listed homes at the same time?

If the answer is no, OpenOpen is the open house scheduler that can fill gaps and build your team. When it’s yes, OpenOpen makes the entire process easier.

If you’re a home builder or residential property owner with more homes than people, OpenOpen will pay for itself the moment that first home sells thanks to a new ally being able to quickly claim an open house in your homes. As your trusted team grows through open house activity, OpenOpen keeps coordinating open houses fast, smooth and hassle-free. You spend a moment on OO from any device early in the week, then enjoy having ALL your properties popping each and every weekend.


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